A sad story

Once upon a time, there was a sweet boy who loved a hateful, ornery girl. He worked hard every day, moving towards their future, but she was spoiled and petulant and didn’t appreciate anything he did. She would stomp her penny-loafer clad foot and toss her hair and tell him how awful he was. And he took it. He loved her that much.

She wanted to leave school and be with him. He said no. She wanted a baby. He said no. She was so desperate. She wanted to be so sure. The girl didn’t want to wait. The wait was too long He didn’t understand. She pulled away.

She left him.

What he didn’t know was, she was so scared he would leave. Everyone in her life seemed to leave. Physically. emotionally, spiritually. She was the most alone girl in the world.  She left him before he could leave her.

She regretted it immediately. The girl called and called him trying to explain. He wouldn’t listen.

She drove the miles to see him. Surprise him. Tell him she was sorry. He told her no. He wouldn’t have her back. She was devastated. Her heart was so broken. You see, her life was a mess of rejection and hurt. She had been abused in every way. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. She was fragile. To cover that vulnerability up, she was mean. She didn’t want to be mean anymore. She just wanted love. She wanted him.

She left that day to go back home and she thought her heart would never be the same. She was right.

She was careful from then on. She was loving and caring and compassionate and she gave with her whole heart. Her broken heart. She was humble and sweet. She was the sweet girl now.

One day she got to talk to him again. Things happened. Circumstances were right. She called him to say she was sorry for his sorrow. They laughed a bit but he was distant. She was married. He was faithful. The call came to an end. She sat in the  parking lot where she made the call from and cried the most sorrowful tears.

What he didn’t know was, she was being abused. She was being hurt in every way. Emotionally, Spiritually. Physically. She was reaching out. Reaching for someone she still loved. He saw the same mean girl who wasn’t honorable. He saw the mean girl and he didn’t know how not-mean she was.

Life moved on for the sweet boy and the not-so-mean girl. They both found someone else to love. They had families and fun things to do and life happened.

But the girl never forgot.

The sweet boy is sick now. The sweet girl knows. She knows he will slip off and go away and all the chances are gone. She will never be able to tell the sweet boy how she always loved him. He was always the one. Her heart still has his scars. When he leaves, she will have a new one. Love always leaves scars.

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