I’m going to be writing a series about Kade. About his life. About all of the signs I missed that his brain was wired wrong. About all toxic things he had to go through. This will most likely be uncomfortable to read at times. But his story deserves to be told and I deserve the chance to tell it.

Kade ended his life. He had something wrong with him way before that. He was broken, in a sense. And I didn’t know it. We just all thought he should get his s**t together. At every stage in his life. And that’s what we told him.

And now here I sit. Without my son. Some of you will recognize yourself in these musings. And that’s all they are, a grieving mother trying to make his death count for something. Because maybe you have a Kade. And maybe this will help you.

I’m going to try to post every Friday, if I’m late it’s because I’m a little insane that day. But if you are my friend on here, on either my page or my Inkwell Swimmer page, please share this. His story deserves to be heard. All of it.

I’m doing this for Kade but I’m also doing for anyone who loves someone who took their own life. I think there is help out there but out mental health system is so broken. Also, people discount people with mental issues. We did.

I hope you’ll be here for Kade as we begin the narrative of my sweet, sweet boys life.

In honor of those who lost the fight, or maybe they won it. We will see.